Let’s get s*ck. This is the First application I made. The idea came from a fun night partying with my friends.lgs logo

The first version (1.0) was made in only a week. The subsequent updates took more of  my time.


For a long while Let’s get s*ck 2.3 was being refused over and over again. The reason for this was the Applications name.

The name was following the newest rules of Apple’s Agreement not fine anymore.


Finally Let’s get s*ck ,now: ‘LGS’, is accepted by the iTunes Store and from now I will start working on some updates for it.




What Let’s get s*ck is:

LGS application gives you a packages of 3 mini games which will be very convenient on party’s or nights with your friends.
I took care of the random cards and dices.

The applications comes with games Quick Play, Dice’s choice, 3 Man and Kingsen.

Dice’s choice: in this game the dice decides which glass the roller has to drink, from 1 to 6. ( filled with different liquids ).

3 Man: another game with dices.

Kingsen: A card game with different assignments at every card.

Quick play: this game randomly selects a name that is filled in by you. The selected name has to drink.

S*X Master: More random questions adjusted to a situation where people sit in a circle with male and female alternately in which de two dices decides the actions.

I Have Never: A classic game in which people have to drink when the proposed statement isn’t true for you.


letsgetsick 4 letsgetsick 3 letsgetsick 2 letsgetsick 1


Current version: 2.6

Contact: letsgetsickgames@gmail.com

Link to the Appstore page