I just installed a copy of the beta version of IOS 7 on my iPhone 5 and will share my findings with you on this page.

ios 7 symbol

Some people find the update of IOS  childish and too animated, some even dare to call it: ‘ugly’.

But as a hardcore Apple fan we believe that what Apple did with this update is just awesome.


Starting the device

Let’s take the device and turn it on…

The first screen will already be astonishing and speechless for most of the users.

It is nothing you expected to see.

The top and bottom bar have been removed, the time line is thinner, the unlock bar and the camera symbol are less noticeable and the screen is now totally filled with your background image.

The background image is now also supporting dynamic wallpapers.



Unlocking the device

So, let’s unlock the device! The first thing you notice is the smooth way the application symbols find their position on your screen.

Also the animation when you open an application is spectacular. Ok, now lets catch our breath before I continue.



Distinct and functional layers

One Amazing feature of IOS7 are the new distinct and functional layers on your applications window, maybe you won’t even see it the first time using it but it is a wonderful improvement and a good aid to show you what the motion detector of Apple is capable of.

Go ahead, move and tilt your iPhone a bit and you will see the new feature yourself.

ios7 layers


Maybe your first impression isn’t so exiting, but wait with your complaints about the design, I am sure you will get use to it and start to enjoy it.

This update is really a big step forwards.

Not only the design of all the standard Apple applications have been changed, they also improved the apps like agenda, the compass ( really nice ), videos, photo library, music in a spectacular way


The camera

Lets look at the camera. The camera app comes with some new futures. Besides the existing features, like panorama and HDR, you can now choose for ‘square’ (lets you take photo’s in square format which are quiet handy for social media account profile pictures ) and theme’s like black and white and sepia.

The design of the camera also changed, like Donald I am not so enthusiastic about it. It not really like Apple



Activation lock

Let’s move on to my next subject; ‘The activation lock’ . Another feature that Federighi briefly touched on during the WWDC was the locking mechanism.

This mechanism makes sure that a stolen iPhone can not be used by someone else. If your device gets lost or stolen you can remotely erase your device. The unit will remain in ‘Lost Mode’. The message on the screen then stops and everyone who attempt to use after this reset must enter your iCloud data to the device to unlock.


Application updates

Finally Apple came with the automatic application update. This is great news for developers like me. The update will be spread out much faster and do no longer rely on does bastards that are too lazy to click on the update button.



You have probably heard it, Airdrop is now also available in IOS7. When sliding your finger from the middle bottom up you will enter a new screen with quick reacting tabs. On the second bar from the bottom you will see Airdrop. Share files, like photos via your camera roll ( or other source ) to your friends and family that also have airdrop on their device.




Siri is no longer alone anymore. There now also a male voice! Further they added the languages Deutsch and French (waiting for Dutch now ……).

There us much more to ask Siri and also the design is really awesome.

Your voice is now being animated by sound waves at the bottom of your screen.



Multi tasking

A great improvement of the iPhone was multitasking and it was about time this feature got a big update.

The user now goes full screen with a feature that shows what the current screen is in the app.

Closing the apps can easily be done by swiping the app upwards.

( multi-touching is possible , even three fingers! ).



I provided you some great new features of IOS7, now it’s up to you download it.

If you are not an Apple developer, IOS7 isn’t available until Fall.



Some may find it to be just like a texture pack for Minecraft, but I think it’s more, it’s a toy coming to life, again.

-Beta IOS 7, new life style-

-Vince Kramers, 17 years old, Apple fan and developer-

-June 11, 2013-