HD Bondive, the third application I made. This version of Bondive is only available for the iPad.

hd bondive logo

I made this one for my father and the future apartments he and two friends are going to place on Bonaire.

Link to Bondive Apartments page.


This application will have the following functionalities:

– Hand Signals, a bunch of common hand signals to refresh your mind before diving.
– Bruce’s pictures, about a hundred pictures Bruce Zavon made. Share or save them to your camera roll.
– Fish on Bonaire, a list of fish you can find around Bonaire, This list will expand every update. If you miss any fish types, let us know.
– Bonaire Map + Spots, here you will find the map of Bonaire with dive spots ( + features of the spot ) and the location of the decompression chamber.
– information about Bondive Apartments. Luxurious apartments at the best spot of the Island.


bdhd-ss-1 bdhd-ss-2                                                                              bdhd-ss-3 bdhd-ss-4


Current version: 3.0

Contact: bondive.app@gmail.com

Link to the Appstore page.